Our Team ... Small, but Strong!

The team of people working on SustainableESL.com have, combined, years of experience in teaching English (ESL/EAP/EFL/EAL/ESOL/native English), materials development, curriculum and syllabus design, teaching at secondary and post-secondary levels, journalistic writing and creative writing, and, lastly, in-depth research and analysis.

Here are our bios... 

Valery Kalemba is our Coordinator, Researcher, and Head Writer.  She has been an EAP tutor and ESL tutor for over 10 years.  She was a curriculum designer and ESL tutor for an ESL tutoring service in Toronto (for 4 years).   Before ESL/EAP she was a University Teaching Assistant (Environmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Organizational Psychology, and other subjects).  Besides ESL tutoring and EAP tutoring Valery is a professional researcher (for over 15 years: social sciences, environmental sciences, business, health sciences). 

Valery has doctoral-level training (6 years @ York University, Toronto) as a research specialist and a Master of Arts degree in Psychology/Adult Education (2 years @ University of Toronto).  She was born in Toronto, Ontario and currently lives there.  She is into 'lifelong learning' and is completing occasional coursework (focus on Adult Education for Sustainability (University of Toronto)).  In her free time, Valery likes to read books, watch movies, listen to music and podcasts, tend to her container garden, visit her favourite art gallery, and play the piano.  ◊ Valery has never been to the Grand Canyon and really wants to go there some day.  (Really, really.) Really.

Ric Wing is our Writer and Copy Editor.  He has been a High School English teacher for over 20 years (Toronto District School Board).  He has taught ESL classes for TDSB in Toronto and Hong Kong.  In addition to full-time teaching he occasionally tutors students (native English, English as a Second Language).

Ric has a Bachelor of Education degree (2 years @ University of Toronto) and an Honours Bachelor of Arts English degree (4 years @ Queen's University).  He was born in Sarnia, Ontario and lives in Toronto, Ontario.  Besides being an educator, Ric is a girls' soccer coach.  He is really into physical fitness: Ric jogs or bikes regularly, works out in his home gym, and is an enthusiastic squash player.  When he isn't working or working out, Ric likes to read books, write short stories, compete at chess tournaments, attend live theatre (drama productions), and watch movies (in cinemas—big screens only!).  ◊  Ric thinks it's a crime to watch movies on smartphones.  And he thinks polar bears are awesome—and very scary.

Diana A. Barrett is our ESL General Reference Assistant and Research Assistant.  She has been a private ESL tutor for 5 years (General English). 

Diana was born in Calgary, Alberta and currently lives in Montreal, Quebec.  In her spare time, Diana enjoys playing badminton and tennis, rock climbing (mostly "fake mountains" unfortunately), hiking and camping—even when it's below 0° Celsius.  Diana's main goal in 2018 (and probably 2019) is to save as much money as possible to go travelling. ◊  Diana loves polar bears. As long as she's looking at them on a screen.