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Note: When we indicate "animals" we may be referring to species of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, or insects.

Tiger Cub Resting on Log

What is the state of affairs for different populations of animals? 

Which animal species are rare and endangered?  Which animal species have become extinct in recent years?  Which species have been saved, through conservation efforts?

Do land animals in the wild have enough land to roam about?  Do they find enough food (i.e., other animals or plants) to eat?

What are the populations of animal species which are hunted (by people) (e.g., reindeer, seal, whales)? 

What type of discussion and debate is going on regarding indigenous people's hunting rights? 

How is sport hunting regulated?

Butterfly_argynnis hyperbius







Are insects thriving



Perch (Freshwater Fish) Swimming in Water






Are freshwater fish living in ideal conditions?  Which fish species are being over-fished?  Are sustainable fisheries relieving the pressure on certain fish stocks?


How is the problem of ocean acidification affecting shellfish and marine life?


Green Frog


Is the use of animals in research, product development and product testing 'animal cruelty-free'?





How are animals raised and slaughtered (i.e., for human consumption)? 

Industrial Chicken Coop

What is the range of slaughterhouse conditions?

Are domesticated animals well-fed, exercised, and in general well-treated by their owners (i.e., pet owners) and handlers?

Spotlight on some Popular or Technical Terms

Animal WelfareWildlife ConservationWildlife SanctuariesHabitat Conservation • Conservation Reliant Animal SpeciesSpecies Extinction • Animal ProtectionAnimal DomesticationVeterinary ScienceAnimal Rights Animal LiberationAnimal Liberation Movement Animal ExploitationAnimal Poaching Trade in Exotic AnimalsAnimal Experimentation / Animal Testing

For these terms also go to Agriculture | Food (major topic): Animal Husbandry Animal AgricultureAnimal FeedWild-caught FishFarmed Fish (Fish Farming) • Sustainable FisheryHunting (Animal Hunting) •

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