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Note: Our focus includes "underdeveloped", "developing", and "developed" countries.

Mother and Sick Child

What are people's 'quality of life'?

Do people have enough food to eat?  Are their nutritional needs being met?

Do people have access to safe drinking water?  Are their sanitation needs being met?

What type of housing (or "shelter") do people have?

How easy/difficult is it for people to get basic healthcare?

What types of rights and/or freedoms do people have?

Afghani Girls and Boys, sitting in a group


What type of protection do vulnerable people (such as children, elders, persons with disabilities) receive?

Where is it difficult (or impossible) to receive basic education (primary education)? 

Where is there gender inequality in access to basic education?

What is the likelihood of people having a secondary education (i.e., courses or a completed degree at the high school level (in the North American context))?

Workers picking through garbage at a dumpsite.

What range of work opportunities exist for people?  What is the range of potential work conditions?

How much money can people expect to earn?

In underdeveloped and developing countries, what kinds of work opportunities are available to women, specifically?  Are women free to seek employment?  If there are restrictions or limitations, what are they? Do women get paid the same as men (for the same job)?

What have been some of the positive and negative outcomes of foreign aid (including food aid) in underdeveloped countries?  

How are "development" and "progress" (economic progress, social progress) unfolding?  In underdeveloped and developing countries, is life improving for the general population, or just certain sub-populations?

How does the situation today (regarding poverty, hunger, health, basic literacy, basic liberties, and income generation) compare to the situation of, say, 30 years ago?  How about 60 years ago?

In countries that are wealthy, on average--Canada is one example--what is life like for people who live "under the poverty line"? 

In a country such as Canada, how common is it that employed people are not paid a "living wage"? 

In Canada, what is the state of affairs in underserved communities?  With a focus on indigenous communities, what type of living conditions and social conditions are people in these communities enduring?

Spotlight on some Popular or Technical Terms

Human Welfare Humanitarianism • Life Expectancy • Quality of LifeLife's NecessitiesLiving StandardsLiving Conditions Social Standards Social Conditions Social Deprivation

Global PovertyPoverty ReductionWorld HungerHunger Relief

Personal SafetyHuman TraffickingChild TraffickingHuman SmugglersChild SmugglersSex TraffickingChild SlaverySex Slavery •

HousingHomelessnessShelters (Women's Shelters, Men's Shelters, Emergency Shelters) •

Basic Medical CareBasic HealthcareMaternal HealthPreventable DiseasesInfant Mortality

Mental HealthMental Ill-Health (Mental Illness, "Mental Problems") •

Basic Education / Primary EducationSecondary Education

Human RightsWomen's RightsChildren's RightsIndigenous Rights / Native Rights • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) RightsDisability Rights Minority Rights

Legal Rights • Democratic RightsPolitical RightsWorkers' Rights

Freedom of Expression • Civil LibertiesFreedom of Movement (Mobility Rights) • Political Oppression Social Oppression

Equality | InequalityGender Equality • Gender Bias/DiscriminationSocial Inequity • Classism • Racial EqualityRacial Bias/DiscriminationPrejudiceRacism • Ethnocentrism • SexismMisogyny


Violence Against WomenGendercideFemicide

Labour StandardsWork Conditions Worker Safety • 'The Working Poor' • Sweatshop LabourBonded LabourModern SlaveryDebt Bondage


Note: See Peace | Conflict | Law & Order | Crime (major topic) for content related to basic rights, inequities, prejudice and more.

For these terms also see Global Warming (Human-Induced) | The Climate (major topic): Climate Refugees Climate Migrants (Climate Change and Forced Migration) •

For these terms (below) also go to The Economy | Labour | Finance (major topic):

Purchasing Power ('Value of the Dollar') • Inflation ('Rate of Inflation') • 'Real Disposable Income' • Living Wages vs Non-Living Wages Living Wage Movement •

Economic Refugees

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) • Economic SustainabilityRecession RecoveryFiscal Responsibility / Fiscal IrresponsibilityDebt ReductionAusterity Measures vs Social SpendingEconomic Justice Economic Development Rural Development Sustainable DevelopmentInternational Trade (World Trade Organization (WTO)) • Trade JusticeInternational Monetary Fund (IMF) • The World Bank 

For these terms (below) also go to Business Sustainability | Corporate Responsibility | Sustainable Finance (major topic):

Workplace DiversityGender DiversityRacial/Ethnic DiversityCultural Diversity

UnionizationTrade UnionismUnion Organizing •

Bribery / Anti-BriberyCorruption / Anti-CorruptionTransparencyAccountability

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