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Note: Our main focus is "developed" countries, not "developing" or "underdeveloped" countries.  We focus on issues of engagement and thrivance at many levels: country-specific, society-at-large, the individual or personal level, etc.


How engaged are people with democratic exercises or opportunities (e.g., voting, becoming a representative of a political party, attending a public protest)?  To what extent do people engage with significant matters, in general?

Do members-of-society (people) have relatively equal opportunities to thrive?  Which people have more/fewer opportunities?  (Why?  What are some of the things that generally lead to life's successes (whichever they are)?  What is the role of education?  What about personal health?  What is the impact of childhood experiences?  What type of social support do fortunate people have? ... )

Are people, in general, relatively healthy or unhealthy?  What are some societal trends with respect to physical health and mental health indicators?


How do people rate their 'life satisfaction'?  (For paid and unpaid work...) What are people's level of 'job/work satisfaction'?

Stones balancing on each other

Are people able to strike a good balance between their 'work life' and 'family time' and/or their 'social life'?  (How much support or accommodation do people receive from their employers (and fellow employees)?  Do people have enough time, in general?)

How do people feel about their relationships with family members and friends?  Are people who are raising children spending enough "quality time" with their kids?  Do people socialize with others as much as they'd like to?

Do people feel a strong sense of belonging? (Do they feel like they belong — in their social circle(s) or in society-at-large?)

To what extent do people connect with the communities they live in?  (How well do people know their neighbours?  Do people get involved in community events?  Do people engage representatives of local government (e.g., city councillors) or institutions (e.g., school trustees)? ... )

Two People Riding Bicycles with Sunset and Coast in Background

What do people know about what is generally recommended for 'healthy minds' and 'healthy bodies'?

What do people do to "exercise their brains"?

What do people seek as entertainment?  (What are their options?)

What are people's definitions of "a good life" and "a full life"?  (How do these compare with various media portrayals of 'good living'?)

Spotlight on some Popular or Technical Terms

Note: Several of these terms also relate to (are contrary to) Consumption | Consumerism (major topic)

Sustainable LivingGreen Living'Living with Purpose'

Wellness Physical Wellness Spiritual WellnessPhysical Well-Being Mental Well-Being Self-AwarenessPhysical FitnessStress • Life-Work Balance •

• Relationships Social Interactions Social EngagementSocial Awareness

Community InvolvementCommunity Engagement • Volunteering

Civic EngagementCivic ParticipationPublic Advocacy • Activism (Social Activism, Community Activism, etc.) •

•  Lifelong LearningContinuing Education

RecreationLeisureSocial GatheringsSocial OutingsNature Walks ("Taking In Nature") • "Taking In the Arts"

Thriving"Thrivance"Wealth / Prosperity / Affluence / Abundance

Note: For content on how wellness is related to diet also see Agriculture | Food (major topic).

Note: For content on how people engage as citizens living in democracies also see Government | Politics | Governance (major topic).

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