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Note: Our focus is the public sector, not the private sector (i.e., corporate governance), with emphasis on Canada.

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How well are governments able to protect public interests? (How much are governments interested in protecting public interests?)


What type of access do citizens have to non-partisan (propaganda-free) information and news?


What is Canada's general policy on 'free speech', i.e., freedom of expression?


How are governments and corporations working together in public-private partnerships?


What different effects do industrial lobbyists have on the running of government?


When corporations fund research conducted within public universities what type of conflict-of-interest concerns arise?


Are governments receiving the appropriate amount of money in taxes from corporations? (Are corporations paying their fair share of taxes?)


Are governments offering corporate tax rebates for activities or practices that are unsustainable?


What is Canada's recent record on protecting The Environment?


How is Canada responding to the national crisis of missing and murdered Aboriginal women?


In countries where resource extraction occurs (e.g., gold mining), are the local governments and the local people properly compensated?


Spotlight on some Popular or Technical Terms

Public Institutions Public Interests Public ServicePublic ServantsPublic Policy Public Goods

BureaucracyGovernment AutonomyTransparency in GovernmentsAccountability to Taxpayers Right of Access to InformationGood Governance Citizen Oversight

Government AffairsVeterans AffairsAboriginal Affairs

Budget Spending Social Spending Senate Spending

Public ElectionsElectoral ReformProportional Representation Campaign Donations

Academic Freedom • Integrity of Taxpayer-Subsidized Research


Propaganda •

For these terms (below) also go to Peace | Conflict | Law & Order | Crime (major topic):

National SecurityMilitary Spending Defense Spending

Freedom of Expression (Freedom of Speech & Media) • Freedom of Religion


Political DissentPolitical Radicalism


Note: For content on how Government | Politics | Governance relates to law and order, international peacebuilding and more, also see Peace | Conflict | Law & Order | Crime (major topic).

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