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What is the global demand for energy/power? 

How much energy will we need in the future?

Can we meet our future energy requirements with renewable energy alone?


How much are we relying upon fossil fuels (crude oil, coal, natural gas) versus nuclear energy versus renewable energy?

What are various governments' views and policies on the various energy sources?  What are the positions of the world's largest (and most powerful) multinational corporations?

How much are governments investing in renewable energy, specifically?  Which countries deserve credit for being leaders in renewable energy?

What is some of the history of corporations lobbying governments to not invest in renewable energy?  Which corporations−formerly strongly opposed to renewable energy−are investing significantly in renewable energy?

How committed are corporations and governments to transitioning to a low-carbon world?

What does the general public know about the various energy sources?  How much support is there for each energy source?

What energy options are available to medium-sized companies and small businesses? 

 Electricity Power Lines

What are examples of clean technology?

What are some recent developments in "green building" technologies?

What are some of the ways people can lower their household (carbon) emissions?

Spotlight on some Popular or Technical Terms

Energy Sources & Renewability

• Renewable Energy Sources | "Renewables" | "Green Energy": Sun (Solar Energy, Solar Panels) • Wind (Wind Energy, Wind Turbines) • Water (Waves) (Hydropower)  • Organic Waste Material (Biomass Energy or Bioenergy or Biomass Fuel) •

• Non-Renewable Energy Sources: Petroleum | Oil • Coal • Natural Gas • Uranium (Nuclear Energy) •

Energy Supply & DemandInternational Energy Outlook • Local Energy Demands • Energy Surplus • Energy Deficit • "Peak Oil" • Energy Conservation •

Energy Production

• Production: Biofuel Production (e.g., specific agricultural products) • Agrofuel (Agro-Fuel) •

• Processing: Oil Refineries • Petroleum Refining • Hydroprocessing of Heavy Oils and Residue • Heavy Oil Processing •

• Distribution: Oil Pipelines • Oil Tankers • Oil Shipment by Railway • Gas Pipelines •

Power Sources & Renewability

• Renewable Power Sources | "Green Power": Solar-Powered • Wind-Powered • Hydro-Electric (Hydropower) • Water Power • Tidal Power •

• Power Generation

• Fossil Fuel Burning • Coal-Powered • Coal-Fired Power Plants • Coal Burning Power Station •

• Biomass Burning • Power Farms • Biogas Plants •

• Hydropower (water) •

• Nuclear Power • Nuclear Power Station • Nuclear Reactor •

• Power Station ≡ Generating Station ≡ Power Plant ≡ Powerhouse ≡ Generating Plant •

Energy Monitoring, Guidelines, Certifications

• Energy Audit • Energy Efficiency •

For these terms (below), also go to The Environment | The Natural World | Natural Resources (major topic):

• Petroleum (Crude Oil, Oil Shale) & Gas (Dry Natural Gas, Shale Gas) •

• Exploration & Reserves: Crude Oil Reserves • Heavy Oil • Oil Sands ≈ Tar Sands • Petroleum Residues • Natural Gas Reserves • 'Conventional' vs 'Unconventional' Hydrocarbon Resources •

• Extraction & Wells: Oil Drilling & Deep Water Drilling • Oil Wells • "Peak Oil" • Gas Wells • Open-Pit Mining (of Oil Shale Deposits) • Hydraulic Fracturing ≡ Hydrofracturing ≡ "Fracking" • Gas Leaks (Methane Leaks) •

For these terms (below), also go to Global Warming (Human-Induced) | The Climate (major topic):

Clean EnergyThe 'Clean Energy Revolution'Low-Carbon Energy'Going Zero-Carbon''Zero Energy'Carbon Neutrality'Net Zero Carbon Footprint'

Carbon Capture • Carbon Emissions • Methane Emissions • Carbon SequestrationGreenhouse Gas MitigationCap-and-Trade Programs • Carbon Pricing Policy • Carbon Trading Carbon Footprint

For these terms also go to The Economy | Labour | Finance (major topic): • 'Low-Carbon Economy' or 'Zero-Carbon Economy' • Green EconomyHydrogen EconomyPetroleum-Based Economy

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