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Combine (machine) Harvesting Wheat

How do we grow food (for humans) and feed (for livestock animals)?

Which agricultural methods are most common?

Where are food growers subsidized?  (Which food crops are subsidized?)

What are some environmental impacts of industrial farming?

Do we have enough food (Is enough food being produced) to feed a growing world population?  How big is the problem of food waste?

Could organic farming, alone, feed the world, in theory?

How do we process and sell food and feed?

How are producers (of food and feed) regulated?

Assortment of exotic fruits.

How safe is our food supply?  (What do food inspectors test for?)

Is nutritious food relatively affordable?

Do major grocery retailers (large grocery chains) offer customers a decent variety of food choices?

What are common food shopping habits?  How common or widespread is food wastefulness?

Spotlight on some Popular or Technical Terms

AgricultureSustainable AgricultureCultivation • Food CropsOrganic FarmingSmallholders (Farmers) • Agribusiness'Factory Farming'Industrial Farming

Food IndustryFood Supply SystemFood Nutrition Food AdditivesFood Inspection Food SafetyFood ProcessingFood HandlingFood WasteFood Security • Food PolicyFood PoliticsFood Price-Fixing • Food Advertising

Natural Foods

Genetic EngineeringBiotechnology Seed Contamination Seed Sovereignty • Genetically-Engineered FoodsGenetically-Modified Foods | Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMO Foods vs Non-GMO Foods) • AgrochemicalsHerbicides (Pesticides) • Chemical Spraying

Public Health

Aquaculture (Fish Farming)Commercial FisheriesSustainable Fisheries • Overfishing •

For these terms also go to Animals (major topic): Animal Husbandry Animal AgricultureAnimal FeedWild-caught FishFarmed Fish (Fish Farming) • Hunting (Animal Hunting) •

For these terms also go to Consumption | Consumerism (major topic): 'Fast Food' vs 'Slow Food' Slow Food Movement• Local Food Fair-Trade ProductsVegetarianism & VeganismGluten-free Foods

Note: For content on how diet relates to wellness also see Engaging | Thriving (major topic).

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