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Overall, how are we (human beings) treating the natural world?  How are we relating to Nature and how are we using natural resources?

Water drops over blurred background

What is the range of conditions of ocean waters and global freshwater sources (lakes, rivers, etc.)?  [What is ocean acidification?  What are some examples of the impact of pollutants (e.g., chemicals, plastics, and garbage)? ...]


In which parts of the world are people facing water insecurity?  

Yosemite National Park

How much land (on the planet) has been left untouched?

Where in the world can we find land conservation projects?

Joshua Tree standing in Mojave Desert

At what rate is rainforest being destroyed (for commercial interests)?  [What is the impact of rainforest destruction on biodiversity?  What is happening to the indigenous people of rainforests (e.g., the Amazon)? ...]


What is the significance of oceans and forests when it comes to climate regulation?

What are some of the practices involved in natural resources extraction (e.g., groundwater, minerals, hardwood, natural gas)? 

What is meant by sustainable resource extraction

Brown Coal Open-Pit Mining Bucket Wheel ExcavatorsWhat are some of the non-governmental organizations and citizen groups involved in Nature appreciation, environmental protection, and natural resources management?

Spotlight on some Popular or Technical Terms

NatureThe Natural WorldBiosphereBiodiversity | Biodiversity LossEcosystem Health

Environmental ValuesEnvironmental ProtectionEnvironmental DegradationEnvironmentalismEnvironmental Philosophy

EcologySocial Ecology • Political EcologyEco-Socialism • Deep Ecology (philosophy/cultural movement) • Ecologism (political ideology) •

EcotourismEco-Adventures •

Natural Resources Natural Resource Management Resource Extraction Resource DepletionResource Scarcity

Water SecurityFresh WaterWater AccessWater RightsWater SafetyWater ConservationWater ShortagesWater ScarcitySurface Water • Groundwater PumpingFloodwaters • "Peak Water" •

Water BasinWater AqueductsWater Aquifers

Land ConservationLand ManagementDesertification (a type of land degradation) • Land ClearingLand Rights • "Landgrabbing" •  Land Use (agriculture, forestry, etc.) •

[ ParklandAgricultural LandCroplandPastureland (Crop and Pasture Land) • Rangeland (typically "unimproved" grazing land) • FarmlandRanch Land Timberland • "Developed" Land (for residential use, commercial use, industrial use, and transportation use) ]

Wetlands • Arable Land • GrasslandForest Land (Forestland) • WoodlandTundraWilderness

TimberForest & Forestry (or Logging) • Old-Growth ForestRainforest (Tropical Rainforest, Temperate Rainforest) • Rainforest DestructionClearcutting (Clear-cut Logging) • Deforestation (example of Land Clearing) | Reforestation

Minerals Metals • Mining: Surface Mining (Strip Mining, Open-Pit Mining, Mountaintop Removal Mining) | Underground Mining

For these terms also go to Waste | Contamination | Pollution | Recycling (major topic)• Air Pollution • Smog • Land Pollution • Radioactive Soil • Water Pollution • Radioactive Water •

Note: For content on wildlife (i.e., wild animals, including fish) and domesticated animals, go to Animals (major topic).

Note: For content on climate regulation (i.e., carbon sinks, vegetation sinks) also see Global Warming (Human-Induced) | The Climate (major topic).

For these terms also go to Animals (major topic): Habitat Conservation • Habitat DestructionWildlife Conservation

For these terms (below), also go to Energy | Power (major topic):

• Petroleum (Crude Oil, Oil Shale) & Gas (Dry Natural Gas, Shale Gas) •

• Exploration & Reserves: Crude Oil Reserves • Heavy Oil • Oil Sands ≈ Tar Sands • Petroleum Residues • Natural Gas Reserves • 'Conventional' vs 'Unconventional' Hydrocarbon Resources •

• Extraction & Wells: Oil Drilling & Deep Water Drilling • Oil Wells • "Peak Oil" • Gas Wells • Open-Pit Mining (of Oil Shale Deposits) • Hydraulic Fracturing ≡ Hydrofracturing ≡ "Fracking" • Gas Leaks (Methane Leaks) •

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