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Note: Our focus is how "sustainability" and "responsibility" in the context of business activities are framed, evaluated, and prioritized by business and financial services sectors and other stakeholders (e.g., citizens, citizens-as-consumers, investors, business-to-business (B2B) customers, etc.).

What are some of the considerations and concerns businesses have when it comes to "sustainability", "sustainable change development", and "going green"?

How big is the challenge of measuring and monitoring the sustainability of a large multinational company's supply chain?

What are businesses disclosing in Sustainability Reports?

What values are driving businesses' growing interest in being more sustainable?  [Why do we sometimes read/hear "business sustainability" also referred to as "added-value"?]

What benefits (to the planet) would result from (true) business sustainability?   What is the scope of those benefits?

Compared to environmental sustainability, how much do corporations focus on social sustainability?

What is described in "Environmental Impact Assessments" [EIA] and "Social Impact Assessments" [SIA]?

What are examples of "corporate responsibility"?  How many companies have a corporate responsibility policy?  How do we (people, companies, government agencies, etc.) know whether a company has done what they said they would do, as stated in their corporate responsibility policy? What are some critiques of corporate responsibility policies?

How is "corporate responsibility" different from "corporate philanthropy"?

When companies are ranked (according to measures of sustainability and corporate responsibility), what are some of the questions and criticisms of experts and observers?  How much potential do these ranking schemes have?  Are they valid? (If so, how much? If not, how can they be improved upon?) 

Who decides if a business should be considered as a "responsible" or "ethical" investing choice?  (How are companies evaluated?  What is Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) analysis? What do experts and observers say about these evaluations?)

What are finance professionals doing in the area of responsible investing?
{You may see it referred to as "ethical investing" or "ESG investing" [ESG=Environment, Social, Governance]; a related form of investing is "mission investing".}

How much interest is there (from the general public) in responsible investing?  What percentage of investments fall in this category?

What type of potential does the field of responsible investment have as a vehicle for social change?  What are some of the significant divestment movements? (e.g., fossil fuel divestment)

Spotlight on some Popular or Technical Terms

Business SustainabilitySustainable BusinessFrameworks of Sustainability | Sustainability PrinciplesSustainability LeadershipDrivers of Sustainable ChangeSustainability Innovation

Corporate Responsibility ("Corporate Social Responsibility")Corporate PhilanthropyCorporate CitizenshipBusiness EthicsCorporate Governance

Workplace DiversityBoard (of Directors) DiversityGender DiversityRacial/Ethnic DiversityCultural Diversity

Policy EngagementMonitoring & Evaluation"Best Practices"Corporate MisconductBribery / Anti-BriberyCorruption / Anti-CorruptionTransparencyAccountabilityImpact AssessmentSocial AuditingStakeholder Engagement'Watchdog' Organizations

Social BusinessSocial Enterprise • 

Shareholder Engagement (& Shareholder Resolutions) • Responsible InvestmentsResponsible InvestingSustainable Finance

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Living Wages vs Non-Living WagesLiving Wage Movement

SalariesExecutive PayUnionized LabourUnion Collective BargainingIncome InequalityJob SecurityPrecarious EmploymentJob CreationJoblessnessProfitability

Social Finance

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