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Note: Our focus includes "underdeveloped", "developing", and "developed" countries.


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Spotlight on some Popular or Technical Terms

Peacemaking • Peacekeeping • Peacebuilding | PeacebuildersPeace Movement •

ConflictConflict ResolutionConflict Zones

Alternative Dispute Resolution MediationArbitrationCourt Tribunals

Laws LawyersLegal SystemCourts | CourtroomsProsecution | DefenseConviction | Acquittal

CorrectionsCorrectional Facility Detainment | Detention Jail Penitentiary Prison | PrisonersImprisonment Inmates Convicts Solitary Confinement

Death Penalty Executions

MilitaryMilitants MilitiaParamilitary

SoldiersRebel Soldiers Child Soldiers

RebelsRebel Forces InvasionInsurgency

War ZonesWarfare Chemical Warfare Civil WarWarlordsWar Crimes War Refugees Turf Wars (e.g., related to drugs) •

Nuclear War'The Arms Race'Nuclear Disarmament •

Weapons / Weaponry • Nuclear Weapons •  Chemical Weapons • Illegal Arms

Gun ViolenceEthnic ViolenceSectarian ViolenceGenocide


Money LaunderingBriberyCorruption

Crime | Criminal | CriminalityCriminal ElementsGangsDrug CartelsMafiaCrime Bosses

Crimes Against Humanity


Terrorism | CounterterrorismRadicalization | De-radicalization • xxx • xxx • xxx

• significant '-isms': • RacismSexism Classism EthnocentrismNationalismTribalismColonialismImperialism

For these terms (below) also go to Government | Politics | Governance (major topic):

National SecurityMilitary Spending Defense Spending

Freedom of Expression (Freedom of Speech & Media) • Freedom of Religion


Political DissentPolitical Radicalism


Note: For content on how Peace | Conflict | Law & Order | Crime relates to basic rights, inequities, prejudice and more, also see Basic Needs & Rights: Living | Working (major topic).

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